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When you visit a doctor’s office and a nurse calls you to enter the exam room, this is just one of the many tasks that nurses are required to do. But nurses jobs are not always pleasant, sometimes requiring them to deal with angry patients; however, most of the time, a nurse will have a smile on their face. Nurses jobs do require a nurse to be a “people person” and have the ability to handle stress in the workplace.

A Growing Career Choice

Nurses jobs are one of the highly entered into fields. Each year nurses jobs will become more popular as a career choice. The medical field requires more nurses because the need for medical care continues to grow. Without nurses, doctors would not be able to see as many patients and they would be overworked from having to handle the job tasks usually taken care of by nurses.

Typical Duties

Nursing duties include gathering a patient’s medical history such as any previous injuries or surgeries as well as any drug allergies the patient suffers from. This duty is essential for protecting the patient as it ensures they are not given a drug that they are allergic to.

When the patient is done reciting their medical history, the nurse will take the patient’s blood pressure and record any symptoms he or she is experiencing. If the patient’s blood pressure is too high, the nurse will report their results to the doctor so that if needed, a medication can be given to lower the patient’s blood pressure.

The nurse’s job duties also include gathering any fluids the doctor may need. This may include collecting a urine sample for testing as well as drawing blood to examine for viruses or illnesses. Other requirements of nurses jobs are cleaning up after a patient who has vomited, which means the nurse must have a strong stomach in order to handle such a task.

Nurses jobs are also handling a wide array of tasks at one time; anyone who wishes to become a nurse must develop their multitasking skills. For most of the day, a doctor’s office or hospital is busy so instead of becoming overwhelmed, the nurse needs to learn to “roll with the punches.”

There are many times that a nurse may not even get to take a break for lunch because there are so many patients and not enough time to get everything done.

The nurses jobs requirements are just a small portion of what its like to be a nurse. Many nurses entering the medical field do so for the purpose of being able to help someone else when they need it most.

The feeling of accomplishment is one thing that keeps nurses wanting to report to work each day as well as liking the people they work with and those they work for. Although it is not easy to be a nurse, the feeling that you get from being a nurse is one that has more and more people entering nursing school each year.

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